Customized Video Spoofs... Starring You!

Highlight your team, product or personalities in a video spoof created prior to, or even during your event. These videos are a great way to open or close a session, add hysterical levity to a mundane mealtime, or reflect and overview each day of an entire conference.

Here are our most popular formats:

ews Anchor Updates
Hilarious hindsight and updates of the day's activities, sessions and outings (good, bad or just plain funny) in a news-desk format.

Comical Captures
In-House, In-office, In-cubicle. Side-splitting, unplugged Interviews starring your own players on film. Your people will fall over with this contagious personal lampooning.

Customized Commercials

Faux informational commercial spots with fake characters, custom-written for you

Man on the Street Opinions
From your conference venue, your office or your street, we capture the spontaneous and mostly wacky answers real people give us about your company, event, name it. It's hilarious!

Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson News Anchor Updates Comedy
Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson Comical Video Captures Comedy
Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson Customized Video Spoof Comedy
Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson Comedy Video Commercials
Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson Man on the Street Video Comedy

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