“HE’s Calling…Pickup!”
A Christian Concert of Wonder

This one-of-a-kind, Christ-honoring production of Magical Illusion, Music, Multimedia & Message is a fantastic call to your group and will even draw those who would not normally attend a Christian invitation event.

“Davidson’s awe-inspiring interactive Christian illusions and witty warmth guarantee that even an audience of remote-control-flicking, multi-media masters will
lean forward, listen, and be changed.”

Why should you take a close look (right now) at
“HE’s Calling…Pickup”?

  • Your answer to God’s great commission is not just a suggestion
  • Because people near you need to experience its passion
  • Because it is highly acclaimed by pastors and laymen alike
  • Because learning about it today, can bless many others tomorrow
  • Because now is the time

What are the top results of “HE’s Calling…Pickup”?

  • It will be remembered, talked about and treasured
  • It answers questions and directs spiritual gifts
  • It encourages both the lost and the found
  • It ignites and empowers individuals and teams
  • It advances action and triggers reaction
  • It wins Souls for Christ

Where’s the perfect fit for “HE’s Calling…Pickup”?

  • As a Rally or Conference Highlight
  • As a Feature Focused Event
  • As a Christian Concert
  • As a Fantastic Fundraiser
  • As a Community Invitation
  • As an unique Baccalaureate or Commencement
  • As Motivation for Mission and Spiritual Gift Growth

Who benefits from “HE’s Calling…Pickup”?

  • Your family at home, across the street and around the world
  • Your own saints will be eager to help and equally blessed
  • Your community will want to attend this open door event
  • Your attendees will remember and talk about this powerful program
  • Your fund raising efforts will be enthusiastically embraced



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