Phone Booth
Super-size your VIP's introduction with a Grand Illusion.

A startling magical appearance!
Builds energy
Extremely comfortable, quick and easy for VIP to learn
Customized graphics, soundtrack, safe aero-pyrotechnics included

The Dream Machine
An unbelievable appearance of a beautiful assistant.

Leads VIP onstage or introduces product/topic
Surprise Introduction tied into theme of "Dreams Come True"
Totally customized illusion, costuming, graphics and soundtrack
Action-packed, colorful, heart-warming

Other Illusions
Just share your dreams, ideas and event plans and we'll add real magic.

•Make someone float or vanish
Cut someone in half (Don't worry, we'll put them back together.)
Comedy illusions
Themed illusions

Custom-Created Grand Illusions
We'll turn your dreams into magical reality.

Kick-offs and closings
Product launches & introductions
Huge appearances or vanishes

Personalized concept,design, production, presentation

Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson VIP Introduction Grand Illusions
Atlanta Comic Magician DavidsonStartling Grand Illusions
Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson Mysterious Grand Illusions
Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson Funny Grand Illusions
Atlanta Comic Magician Davidson Customized Grand Illusions

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