"I am pleased to recommend Greg Davidson to any church or ministry organization interested in special event evangelism. Greg is a man of integrity. God's hand is clearly on him. In addition to his skill and talent as a magician, he also has the gift of evangelism. We had 71 professions of faith and over 50 other decisions in a 3 day meeting. Greg presents the Gospel clearly and with the anointing of God. Pastor, you will love Greg Davidson!"
Dr. Michael Trammell, Pastor

We saw more than 2,000 in attendance over the five weekend services. Approximately 60 professions of faith, 75 recommitments to Christ and over 100 who personally came forward to commit to share their faith with a specific friend God has laid upon their hearts.
Ron Hart Pastor, Pastor

“I told Greg Davidson on the Thursday preceding the event that I was proud of our congregation. We can say we reached out to everyone in our area with an invitation to our church. Our effort was a great success. There were 88 recorded decisions and 50 were professions of faith. I had a wonderful role in the counseling room after Greg spoke to those making decisions, the counselors recorded personal information and introduced the folks to me. I had the joy of hearing 50 persons profess Jesus as their Savior. Some were children, others were adults. All were coming to Christ. Other decisions were also deeply touching. Folks confessed their sins and their need for a closer walk with the Lord. It was wonderful in every way.
Ken Cox, Pastor

He is very committed to this ministry and uses his talents to glorify our Lord. Greg was most accommodation when limitations were placed on him by the hotel where our event was held and was able tot change his program to meet their specifications and still make it a wonderful experience for the youth and adults who witnessed the program.
Suella Barto, Conference Youth Coordinator

Greg is a gifted illusionist who uses his skills to share Christi in a most effective way. He is also a talented musician and anointed preacher who shares the truths of God’s inerrant Word without equivocation. He communicates effectively with every age group. He does not seek emotional decision based on feelings, but on willful decisions based on faith. We had overflow crowds and 120 decisions, 30 of which were fist-time decision for Christ.
Dr. David B. Fannin, Pastor

I was overwhelmed by the truth of your message, and super encouraged by God’s words that you said. I made a commitment to tell one of my friends how to be saved, and my heart broke when Bailey, in the 3rd grade, (whom I had the awesome pleasure if leading to Christ a little over a year ago) also walked to the front and told Bro. Jim that he would tell his 3rd grade buddy, Reese, how to be saved as well! That is real stuff! That is good stuff! That is everlasting stuff! Will Jesus be impressed by the house I am trying to build? No. Will he be impressed by the crops my farm produces this year? No. Will He be impressed by sacrificing a little of my time to tell someone else about Him? Absolutely. I believe the answers to the above questions are clear. I have been blessed to be in Bible teaching churches most of my life. I asked Jesus into my heart at 7 years old. I have had some super good preachers and teachers to lead me. I would even put Bro. Jim at the top of that list. I am privileged to hear clear sermons with powerful messages almost every week from him. Having all that said, I have never been challenged to evangelism as much as I was in your Sunday night message. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord and for the challenge that you presented. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to share the Gospel, and I will be thinking about your challenge to me when I do!

I will be praying for you and your ministry everyday this year when I have my personal time with the Lord. I know that He is using you to bring people to Him, and if you are like I was this weekend, you will be blessed beyond measure by being a part of that!
Chip David,Church Counselor

I must tell you the greatest joy this weekend (besides the lost souls now found) were the children. The laughter of children is the sound of innocence – something as adults we loose sight of. Again thank you for all that you do – God’s Peace!
Pam Maldonado - Office Manager

We had a good crowd of visitors each night. More importantly, we had a room full of decision makers at the end of each presentation. Over the course of the weekend approximately 275 people responded to the invitations that Greg extended.
Wayne Parker - Pastor

Greg Davidson is an excellent magician, musician, and communicator of the Gospel. The programs are entertaining and inspirational. The invitation to come to Christ is clear, concise, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. As a result, many were saved.
Herb Thomas - Pastor

WOW! What a Wonder-“Full” Weekend! It was full of laughter, amazement and wonder. It was also full of the life-changing Gospel presented in a clear, understandable and unapologetic manner. Greg Davidson has blended his masterful skills of illusion with an inspiring presentation of God’s Holy Word.

People in our area are more familiar with our church, our prospect files have been refreshed and the event drew our member closer together. We prayed, planned and worked while Greg performed and preached. Ultimately, God was honored and glorified. I highly recommend Greg Davidson and his team to your church and community.
Bill Stacey - Pastor

Greg is a master illusionist who uses his talents not only to entertain, but to share the Gospel of Jesus in a clear and powerful way. He makes it very clear every service that everything he does is an illusion, not the magic forbidden in God’s Word. Greg is a true professional in his field. He uses humor in his presentations. Most of all, he clearly loves Jesus.

We followed the in-depth planning guide which was sent to us in advance of the weekend. We thought that we were possibly planning for more people than would actually come. We were mistaken. Each night we were filled to capacity including extra seating. Many of those attending were from the community who had received a mailing we sent out. They thought it was great that the church would provide this for them.
Jimmy Arms - Pastor

He is a class act, an excellent communicator and a true professional. His presentation and witness are inviting, enjoyable and inspirational. His. “HE’s Calling…Pickup!” is a grand way to reach the secular mind for Christianity.
Dr. Joe B. Bowen, Jr. - Foundation Director

If you are searching for a special program filled with Christian joy, you will not find much better than Davidson’s HE’s Calling…Pick Up! While delighting audience members of all ages with his magic, Davidson has designed the program to emphasize the fact that it is only God who can affect the miracle of changed lives. Planned and produced with excellence, Davidson’s program presents the gospel message so uniquely that many will be able to grasp it in a new way – or perhaps, for the first time. He is gifted at involving the audience in the program, and his passion for the message he shares shines through all that he does.
Sally Dowland - Director of Adult Ministries

There are few things that will pull more un-churched people into your church auditorium any more effectively than a great magic show. I know, because this has also been my ministry for the last 24 years. Everyone loves to be entertained by a good magician and Greg is one of the finest you can use! Adults as well as youth respond to his humor and unique magical ability with tremendous enthusiasm.

Greg Davidson is real! He loves the Lord and people. He genuinely wants to help you, as a Pastor, reach your community for God. He will help you really touch those people who would never come to hear a Preacher or a music program in your church. If you will prepare properly for his coming, you will never forget the large crowds of un-churched who will come into your Church … and they will never forget that your Church cared enough to provide such a fine, professional, world-class program for them.

Felix Snipes, President, New Dimensions Evangelism

What an awesome way to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Greg Davidson's presentation of “HE's Calling...Pick up!” was just what the doctor ordered. Having ministered with teenagers for twenty-four years now, and watching technology capture and entertain our youth, it does not take an "Einstein" to realize that a key to getting His message across is keeping their attention. Greg's presentation, though entertaining, provided the depth and clarity of the message that the world most needs to hear. I highly recommend this presentation and wholeheartedly support the ministry, which Greg Davidson shares.
Pete Aubin - Director of Youth Ministries

As a magician, Greg’s professionalism is at the highest level. His resume bears witness to his extensive experience traveling the world over, performing his special mix of humor and magic. But beyond the superior quality of his shows, Greg has the ability to “capture the moment” adapting his material to meet his audience where they are and give them an experience that inspires them to discover the gospel with their imaginations.

Greg is a person of faith. He loves Christ and it shows. I highly recommend his “He’s Calling...Pick-Up!” show which is both Greg’s personal testimony as well as an EPIC Worship Experience. I have seen this show in both a local church and conference setting and was inspired and challenged both times to seek God in fresh new ways.

Dr. David Benson - Pastor

Your gifts are amazing! The production of “HE’s Calling…Pick Up!” was incredibly well done technically and the Christian message was beautifully presented. All the elements of the show were tremendous…the music, the lyrics to the song, the crowd participation, drama and magic…I will never forget the experience.
Greg, you have found a wonderful way to weave your gifts and talents for magic into ministry. Thank you for blessing us. I am already looking forward to the next time.

Ellen Shepard - Minister of Education

If you have an opportunity to have Greg Davidson perform for your
group – Don’t Miss It. He is fantastic for any kind of group. Very entertaining,
High energy – all you want for a great event. Do yourself a favor and have
Greg in your program.

Dr. Scott Dunbar - Counseling Center Director

This was a very entertaining program, which showcased the “magical” skills of Greg and yet at the same time, gave a very clear presentation of the gospel. Throughout the program, Greg emphasize the importance of responding to Gods’ call on you life. His personality and with made him a big hit in an audience that ranged from the very young to the very old. If you are considering having an evangelistic crusade and are looking for a unique and effective way to attract folks, I heartily recommend Greg Davidson. You will not be disappointed.
Eddie Chennault, Pastor



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